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Sunday, September 18, 2005

whats wrong i cant access my old blog anm! the server says its FORBIDDEN. WTH.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


click on it to relink to my new blog yep! (:
of cos i will still have this blog. my memories. <3<3
and i would definitely miss blogger. XD well diary-x is nice though! XD

my final entry here. (okay maybe not! next time i might choose to update XD)

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

i want the lock entry feature quite badly. ><

but i have all my memories in blogger.
and i want ALL my memories to be in ONE blog. ><


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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

music- yao zu wu qu.

today reached school feeling damn high. XD and i was laughing my head off talking to jinghan and kuoying for no particular reason. T_T jh just sounded damn cute. HAHA. then i found out she went natsu matsuri. NV TELL ME. poots. im damn jealous. XD (my dad sure allow if he knows yy jh going can. T_T) oh wells. XD after that went down give pingfang her present. this is my letter to her:
yo pingfang.
happy birthday.
damnit. i am jealous of yr present. kuso!
love yiusum. XD
HAHAHA damn short leh. XD BUT IMPACTFUL HUH HAHHA. XD oh and talking bout bdaes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZM! (: smthing is wrong with my handwriting in that letter. jh and ky said it looked kiddish. T_T TSKO. XD its kiddy plus rg handwriting slightly okay! its called STYLISED writing. XD
maths. i wanted my paper bad so badly. T_T
cle. had seating plan for term 4. was sitting with shusi and jia ning at first. but in the end i am sitting next to min jia and kuoying. i didnt know how that happen lah! i was busy talking to dunno who. T_T THEN u have the great yiyun nat and zes triple combo behind me. iwas telling minjia we shall die together. then minjia nodded her head vigorously.

i dont think i can survive the fourth term. ): maybe its a gd thing its short.

rs was GD. wheee. final report next week.
but of cos A BIT more editing. AND TADA time for doing the ppt presentation and stuff. then we are done. :X SO SCARY :X HAHA.

after school talked to cheryl at the canteen outside the toilet. THEN i saw this figure running to me. once i saw her i said bye to cheryl and started to run towards the foyer. WAH MAN THAT YIYUN CHASED UP TO ME AND PULL ME BACK. T_T wahhhh poot. T_T then she started crapping. T_T when there's yiyun there must never be kuoying around. when there's kuoying, there must never be yiyun around. TEH YIYUN U PROMISED ME SOMETHING OKAY.

(maybe im going to go depressed at this rate. POOTS)
shant talk. MUST STUDY.
kks. BYEE! (:

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

music- muyangqu

siyi and mel, THERE! I BLOGGED.
term 3 week 8. tests tests and more testssss. okay actually not so much. ><><>< (i have this knack on finishing everything just on time.) as for lit, I DIDNT FINISH! (man so ironic. XD) the first time i didnt finish a lit essay. tsk. so i cheated and i wrote the conclusion first bfor moving back to the content para.

okay, enough of tests! =D co has finally resumed last week. and our chair and vice are out! YAY. SHERRY AND SELENE. (the s-es.) heh sounds wrong. :X one xianyue, one tanbo just like this year. XD wonder who is going to be our tanbo SL since selene is vice chair. heh. yest xiaozu was not bad. hezheng was okay. (: just that hz wants me and gera to take grade 2 kao ji when the sec 1s for ruan could take grade 3. unfair okay! and waste money only. T_T today's dazu was okie too. haha. nth really special. after dazu, some huuz ppl stayed behind with huiwen, qianwen, lanya and me. XD then we played junma combined and mu yang qu. wahahha. XD so fun.

(: p.s. HUIWEN, QIANWEN and LANYA: we needa go on an outing! (for farewell presents!) gera, we needa shop for 2 ppl too. XD

school's okay. XD just that yiyun is still suaning me. T_T TSK. hahah. but she promised to stop! yay. and maybe we shall have to treat her to a meal. (: i dont minddddd. since ky owes me a marche meal. HAHA.

yay sept hols are coming! (okay theres still week 9 and 10. T_T) but its kinda packed. XD
1. naruto grp meeting
2. prob bleach grp meeting.
3. the PENGUINS documentary thing. *_*
4. farewell shopping.
5. the yy-ky-zes-jh coming over to my hse to watch pot thing. XD
6. co pracs. and MAYBE lyfe outings. *dunnnnno yet though XD* i shall try to squeeze losta stuff on one day. :X maximize my time. wheeeeee.

k needa chiong the massive amt of rs work i have. BYESS. (:

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

music- junma [YAY! i miss co. ):]

wahaha. just now i didnt bother to watch the parade. :X only glanced at rui en and taufik singing. :X LOL. shall blog bout yest's and today's events. (:

NATIONAL DAY CELEBRATIONS! everyone was feeling super depressed cos of the wet day plan. the last time we did our rehearsals in the hall, it was BAD! it was so soft that we cant judge the speed of the song. T_T but it went well in the end! teachers said we have the x factor and the school was cheering like mad! LOL. esp at the PIE/ERP part, the guitars part and the NATIONAL DAY DANCE part! XD we are so innovative! wahahha.

had someone went gaga over me going on stage. HAHAHAH. thats FUNNY! XD newly heard. and my mortal said i was cute. (NEW TOO.) and bfor that on the previous day, someone said i was shuai. (thats new! HAHAHAHHA) ppl are weird these days! LOL.

lyrics to our song!

Country named Singapore, she never had it all
One slim 10 a day, resulting in court case
The riots went out the door
In nineteen sixty-four
We're such a tiny land
But our government had a plan

We were gonna build some houses
We were gonna drive some cars
Lee kuan yew was the best
Under him we went far
Well then came PIE, and now theres ERP
Look at our BRILLIANT! life
And everything has been alright

Since farmers and towkays
Way before the highways
No taxis, MRTs
Orchard road was full of trees
Through all her sweat and toil
From village to a city
and we’ve brought this land to life
since 19, 19, 1965


She's seen all the troubles
She tides through everytime
SARS came but we were strong
Even those kids were fine
Singapore was safe
When there was a big earthquake
Thought she'd surely die
But tsunami never came

Where's the terrorist they say would bomb us
See what a bright future we have now
40 years of independence
First class Army, Navy and the Air Force

Farmers and towkays
Way before the highways
No taxis, MRTs
Orchard road was full of trees
Through all her sweat and toil
From village to a city
and we’ve brought this land to life
since 19, 19, 1965

We hate crime, make it stop
When did holidays become a busy mop
And when did PCK become a musical
Please make this
Stop! Stop! Stop!

and bring back

Farmers and towkays
Way before the highways
No taxis, MRTs
Orchard road was full of trees
Through all her sweat and toil
From village to a city
and we've brought this land to life
since 1965

Since farmers and towkays
Way before the highways
No taxis, MRTs
Orchard road was full of trees
Through all her sweat and toil
From village to a city
and we've brought this land to life
since 19, 19, 1965

kudos to SIPEI and ZESLENE for composing it! =D yiyun, kuoying, siyi (ONE), me (NINE), vivian(SIX), liting (FIVE), andrea, jianing, minjia and everyone for helping in one way or the other! XD

after celebrations, i went out with cheryl, huihui and zeslene, meeting up with ky and sp later for lunch and movie. read in kino till 12.30. bleach bk 15 is SHOCKING! AHHH. and i was hyperventilating like mad! xD later, at lido, huihui and i met nanhua ppl! aaron, peiyi and qianwei are super tall lah. gd thing cass came by to save me. HAHHA. :X so evil. saw kuo en also. LOL.
charlie and the choc fact was not bad. i was drooling over the DRIPPING CHOC. (i have a weakness for melting and dripping choc. :X) LOL. but all the characs were VERY photoshopped. skin looks like jimmy neutron's. T_T LOL!

after that went home, pracced liuqin, slept and talked on msn to jx, lanya, cher and yy. yy being the most for yest night! XD i am terribly jealous of lanya's and jx's picks! AHHH. but they are so nice! bought one pick each for huiwen and i. =D

went ky hse to watch naruto movie and stuff. XD reached just on time bfor it rained. i was walking the pathto her hse lah and the wind was terribly strong. PLUS THERE WAS NO ONE! the fact that it was qi yue made it scarier. >< at 12noon sharp, it started raining. ==" LOL. naruto movie was okay, but kinda sian. all the anime movies all the same one! LOL. and i still think that yukie-san still looks like female howl and female sasuke! XD KAKASHI IS TERRIBLY COOL LAH! at the ending i got so fed up i was hyperventilating. cos that stupid naruto made sasuke seem so weak. THANKS LAH NARUTO. BAHHHH XD

kyokaramaOu issnt nice lah! BORING! watch halfway through the first epi i felt like sleeping alrd. T_T now i know why kuoxian could actually fall asleep while watching anime. LOL. so went off to play her guitar. i cant lun3!!!!! cos i got no support for my hand (unlike liuqin). eek! then i was trying to pull the strings HAHAHAH. and attempted pik pik piak on it too. :X

LOL. later went to surf AHEM's lj! and went through all her cosplay photos. AHHH SO PRO AND CHIO! (reminds me of someone in co. XD) me and ky were hyperventilating. XD surfed sgcafe and we tried to decide wat bleach capt/vicecapt shud we cosplay next year. my hinamori MOMO is taken! shes like the closest charac i can cosplay in bleach (other than rukia. but shes not a capt/vice capt. EEKS LAH. then we were discussing which charac zes shud cosplay. i said yoruichi and ky was stunned. HAHA. its only the skin colour being alike. ==" at last we decided that only YUNYI can cosplay yoruichi! cos of her sexy legs. HAHAHHA. XDD

named ky's pistol! its SHINSOU. (ichimaru's zanpakuto!) the command is IKOROZE. (meaning: shoot to kill). HAHAHHA XD

watched vanilla live -ahem-, clay's vid with the -ahemming- with the microphone, kagrra's toki photoshoot and blahblah. XD kuoxian was not particularly disgusted by vanilla live. T_T LOL. me and ky were not looking at the screen lah! HAHHA. k thats all for the two days. XD theres rs interview and rs meeting tmrw. INTENSIVE!!!! ><
thursday is an interesting day! (cant wait! XD)
there's BLEACH BK 16 and PICKS awaiting me! WAHAHHA.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

submitted my subj combi today.
1. Trip sci geog.
2. chem phys geog lit.
3. chem phys geog history.
4. trip sci hist.
5. trip sci lit.
the only subj i am interested in is GEOG. >< LOL. probably cos i failed terribly last year (i only passed term 4's pt and eoy), thats why i feel so accomplished when i get slightly higher this year. >< i am ODD. XD and plus its bout the ENVIRONMENT. of cos the dear environmental rep would love it. WAHAHHA.

biotest was okay. but cos i couldnt absorb the bio facts, i couldnt really answer the open ended stuff properly. >< but even if i fail, its just because i didnt try my best to manage my time. haha. (cheryl says so too.) next time i shall sleep earlier instead of MUGGGGING half consciously. <-- i say that everytime, but in the end i would rather mug cos i cant sleep in peace. ><

and HARUKA san LISTENS TO GACKT! WOOTS. the great me tried to communicate with her HAHAHHA. i was like. MUSIC? *does some hand gestures at ears* CAMUI GAKUTO? then she was nodding! HAHA. then i went to find ky for the gackt pic i gave her by bdae present and we went to show her. YAY!! WOOTS. XD

assembly. the guy was shuai. XD AND THE ACTORS ROCK YEP. (:

after school, watched bleach. ISHIDA IS SOO COOOL! AHHHHH. SASUKE's VOICE! its as if sasuke has become goood again. LOL. the 12th capt is so UGHS. treat his product with agression and violence. BAH. AND I WANNA WATCH ICHIGO FIGHT BYAKUYA! 2 more weeks. T_T

read harry potter and had a GOOD SLEEP. YAY! and now i feel REVAMPED. XD talked on msn to lotsa ppl. (: me and yihui decided to name our INSTRUS! LOL. took such a long time to decide! XD yihui's erhu is RENAIKO (something to do with jewels and stuff. cant remember), while mine is ZENBONZAKURA! (byakuya's ZANPAKUTO! WOOTS. ky thought of it! LOL. great naming sense. XD btw, zenbonzakura means a thousand sakura trees. and LIU qin kinda reminds ppl of WILLOWS AND FLOWERS. those greceful stuffies. XD so it kinda suits! XD


at first i wanted to name it rei. but it sounded like RAY, which is rachel's nick. so its kinda dangerous. wat if i go ard saying I LOVE REIIIIII. then some ppl would misunderstand. HAHAHHA. later i wanted miyako. but it meant beautiful march child. doesnt suit. LOL. after that i wanted yui or zen. YUI cos it sounds like my name! LOL. so i asked ky for suggestions.

she suggested MOMO. HINAMORI MOMO. HAHHAHA. i dont like hinamori momo! >< later she wanted kei. but ahem. got yiyun ard. HAHAHA. after that we finally decided ZENBONZAURA. short form can be zen. YI JU LIANG DE! yay!

cant wait for mon! nat day + CHARLIE AND THE CHOCO FACT.
woots. got choco to ogle at. *_* chio chocos! HAHAH. and tues going to ky hse to watch naruto! WHEEEEE. wed rs meeting. LOL. I SHALL CHIOOOONG all my hmework desu!

and i pracced liuqin from 8.30 to 11.30 today. HAHAHHAHA. okay i cheated. i was talking online and messaging while praccing. LOL!

did i mention siyi rocks at changing her voice? i was laughing like mad during s and d. LOL! XD

kk JYA NE.

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